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Agency Director

Starla Smith Household Staffing

Starla Smith

Starla Smith is an accomplished businesswoman who has used her creative ingenuity, inherent leadership skills, and passion for entrepreneurship to build a thriving company, connecting household employees with permanent and temporary placements around the country. In 2000, she joined Household Staffing as a Placement Coordinator, and 13 years later, she took over as the Owner Operator, a role she still works in today. Under her leadership, the company has exceeded sales goals and has established itself as a leading name in the domestic services industry. 

Before beginning her role at Household Staffing, Smith founded her own company, Rodman Street Neckwear, where she imported, manufactured, and marketed men’s neckwear. After five years of growing the company’s revenue, she transitioned to work in account representative and executive positions for HAAS Publishing and TelSave. Her extensive sales background with a proven track record of success led Smith into sales management roles, working for a year as the Vice President of Sales for Commercial Realty Review, as the Area Sales Manager for Harman Homes Publishing Company, and as the General Sales Manager for Renters Guide Weekly.

Throughout the last three decades of her career, Smith has harnessed her passion for excellence in everything she does, demonstrating confidence as a leader and innovator.

daniel wood

Agency Director

Daniel Wood

Daniel Wood has been a leader in the hospitality industry for over 25 years, including 12 years in private service as an Estate Manager, Private Chef, and Yacht Chef. He has extensive experience in all sides of the hiring triangle as a candidate, hiring manager, and third-party recruiter. This understanding of all facets of the private service market allows Daniel to make incredibly effective matches when pairing the right candidate with the right environment.

In 2012, Daniel founded Domestic | Match, a boutique private service staffing agency that serves the needs of high-net-worth families throughout the United States. After three years of success with Domestic | Match, he saw a need for a separate Private Chef division and launched Private Chef | Match. PCM refers highly skilled culinary professionals to families, yacht owners, resorts, and corporations worldwide. Today, Daniel enjoys working closely with clients and candidates alike, helping both sides understand the recruitment process while guiding them to achieve the best possible Match for all parties.

BonnieLowKramen HeadshotColor Small

Educational Director

Bonnie Low-Kramen

For 25 years, Bonnie worked as the Personal Assistant to Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis and is the bestselling author of Be the Ultimate Assistant. An expert in workplace issues, she is a TEDx speaker and her work was profiled in a Forbes (online) cover story in May, 2019. Her workshop by the same name is one of the Top Conferences to Attend in 2018-2021 and she is a popular speaker at private service industry conferences.

As a consultant on workplace bullying to the World Administrators Summit, Bonnie is committed to ending this global problem. As a writer, she is on the Editorial Board and is a contributor to Executive Support Magazine. Traveling to 14 countries and 38 states, Bonnie’s clients include the Wharton School of Business, British Parliament, Four Seasons Hotel, Starbucks, and Amazon. In 2018, Bonnie received the Impact Award from the Boston Executive Assistants Organization.

A native New Jerseyan and a Rutgers University (RC ’79) grad, Bonnie knows that the secret sauce for an ultimate workplace includes cultures of respect and embraced diversity. These themes are the basis for her new book, Staff Matters, due for release in 2023.  For more information:


Educational Director

Thomas Kaufmann

Thomas Kaufmann, CEO of Jeeves Training Ltd, is a trained private butler with over a decade of experience in private service and almost as many years of experience in training butlers and hospitality service staff. After establishing The International Butler Academy in China, Mr. Kaufmann accepted the position of CEO and Head Trainer at The International Butler Academy in the Netherlands, the world’s best Butling and House Management school.

Jeeves Training Ltd specializes in high-end training for the hospitality industry and private household staff. Adhering to traditional British-style butler traditions, Jeeves uses proven techniques and modern methods to achieve the results their high-profile clients are accustomed to.

Based in Hong Kong, the company offers consulting services and hands-on practical training to private clients and corporations such as hotels, casinos, real estate companies, and other companies throughout Europe, China, and Southeast Asia, that require high-class hospitality/customer services.

CPRamey headshot 2020

Global Business Director

Christopher P Ramey

Christopher P Ramey is the most quoted independent authority in the luxury segment. He is a keynote speaker, consultant, marketing technologist, and thought leader for all things related to selling and serving the luxury and affluent space. His personal consultancy is Affluent Insights, where he serves clients across all categories in the luxury and premium segments. Ramey is managing director of The American Marketing Group, where he and his partners serve brands that want to penetrate the American market. He is also president of The Home Trust International, a platform for brands that serve high net worth families and their influencers with the finest products and services for their homes. 

Ramey has earned the Leadership Top 5% Appellation from Gerson Lehrman for his work with private equity firms acquiring luxury and home furnishings brands. He’s also a member of National Speakers Association, and he sits on the Retail Wire Brain Trust panel. Ramey’s background includes president of The Luxury Marketing Council Miami and The Luxury Marketing Council Palm Beach. As a retailer, Ramey was the founder and former president of Savvi Formalwear, where he grew the chain to over 400 stores. Ramey was also president of International Design Guild, where he grew 15 independent decorative showrooms into 95 showrooms in every major North American market.  

Ramey is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and resides in Martin County, Florida. 


Private Service Director

Chris Allen

English-born Chris Allen began traveling at the tender age of 16, which landed him on various private yachts in the UK and the Mediterranean. One such encounter led to his first position in private service, with English aristocracy, based in Switzerland and the South of France. From there, he found employment in the United States (along with his lovely wife, Kim), where he managed several estates ending with a 34,000 sq. ft. Gold Coast mansion. After 19 years in private service, he decided to try his hand at running a business.

Chris and Kim started “A Butler’s Manor” in 2002 and built it up to be the top-rated Bed & Breakfast in Southampton, NY. They now enjoy retirement and look forward to whatever opportunities and challenges that may bring. The couple spends winters in Laguna Beach, CA, and summers in New England.

Anthony Barlow

Private Service Director

Anthony Barlow

As a former collegiate athlete and an accomplished leader, Anthony Barlow specializes in managing complex estates for UHNW families. Anthony’s southern upbringing and professional experience form the perfect marriage, where his passion for serving is complimented by his drive to learn and help others. In addition to creating highly efficient structures to ensure the residences in his care perform at optimal capacity, Anthony enjoys creating a healthy and exciting workplace for his teams. 

Jen Laurence LLL Headshot Color 2

Principal Liaison Director

Jennifer Laurence

Jennifer Laurence is a consummate hospitality professional who has worked in domestic service management and hospitality operations for over 20 years. She is the founder and president of Luxury Lifestyle Logistics, an estate management consulting firm specializing in streamlining processes for principal estate owners and their domestic service staff. Her firm provides advocacy, staff development, and on-site organizational assessments to improve the quality of service for owners to enjoy their lifestyles to the fullest. Jennifer is an expert at curating a domestic service environment that meets the needs of each client by using best practices from hospitality operations management and tailoring each service environment to the desires of their owner’s formality level and service style. As a liaison, Jennifer helps principal owners and their staff to communicate more effectively and achieve a higher level of service for the industry overall; she then brings this passion for owner advocacy to Private Service Alliance. 

Jennifer’s passionate commitment to pursuing unique educational experiences led her to graduate with honors from the only all-women’s hospitality school in North America, a unique Bachelor’s program where the hospitality business was always balanced with elevating the art of domestic service. She completed her master’s degree with honors in hospitality from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, earned a Wine Sommelier certificate, and a Visual Communications certificate, is a trained Protocol Officer from The Protocol School of Washington, and attended the prestigious Charles MacPherson Academy for Butlers and Household Managers where she graduated at the top of her class. Jennifer is passionate about private service and has served in leadership and as a national industry keynote speaker since 2010. Jennifer is delighted to support the work of estate management through Private Service Alliance as an Advisory Board Director, where she provides global resources and advocacy for principal estate owners and their teams.

Charles MacPherson

Director At Large

Charles MacPherson

After nearly a decade serving as major-domo, overseeing more than thirty household staff for one of Canada’s most prominent families, Charles set his sights on starting his own business. In 1996, he founded Charles MacPherson Associates (CMA) and began providing his household management expertise to high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth clients. 

Today, CMA recruits and places household staff, educates and trains private service professionals, and consults for HNW and UHNW families on household management and operations matters. With this foundation and his keen understanding of clients’ service expectations, Charles has expanded the business into hospitality and customer service training and advisory. 

Over the last two decades, Charles has built a reputation within the Private Service industry as a keynote speaker, a published author of four books, and a global authority in the butler and household management fields for private residential, hospitality, and customer service sectors worldwide. He has established butler department standards and trained butlers for the Queen Mary II, Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai, Aria Resort and Casino Las Vegas, Wynn Macau, and Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces. He has also delivered several customer service improvement initiatives with a wide range of clients, including Louis Vuitton, The Ford Motor Company, and Royal Bank of Canada, to name a few.

harry jones 314

General Counsel

Harry Jones

Harry Jones has a national and international focus in his practice; he guides general counsel and HR departments through 50-state and complex cross-border issues, particularly in Europe, Africa and Latin America. For over 25 years, Harry has advised and defended employers, including dozens of jury trials. Additionally, Harry has led more than 80 high-profile investigations on behalf of school districts, cities, colleges and private institutions. He also provides day-to-day advice to human resources professionals on hiring, training, pay, discipline and termination, including a specialty in dealing with complex c-suite misconduct issues. He has led the national class action defense of wage and hour cases; and has aggressively protected business interests from unfair competition. Harry has been named as a Texas Super Lawyer, perennially.

Clint Anderson Profile

Insurance Broker

Clint Anderson

Clint Anderson knows about the healthcare crisis first-hand, especially for individuals and small businesses. What originally started as a 21-year-old independent contractor searching for insurance has now turned into a 20-year career in the insurance industry. From seeing the market as a new agent calling on businesses to the executive level as a Business Development Manager operating state market teams of $30+ million. Clint is fortunate enough to bring the wisdom of a consumer to the corporate crossroads of what is best for the insured.

A significant shift is happening that benefits the small group employers, primarily individuals. This is why he is excited to partner with the Private Service Alliance and its members. Clint has a unique ability to explain insurance benefits in layperson’s terms, sources and customizes the best insurance products, and respects the privilege of looking after the fiduciary responsibility for the insured.

PSA Members: take a moment to learn more about PSA Benefits and the different insurance options now available through the Group Insurance section in our member community, then reach out to Clint for customized quotes.


Committee Chair

Tonya Sakowicz

Tonya Sakowicz is a college-educated INA Credentialed Nanny, Newborn Care Specialist, and Parent Educator with over 36 years of experience. She is one of the preemptive educators in the childcare industry as the founder of Newborn Care Solutions®, offering highly renowned NCS training from beginner through Master® level programs. In addition, she provides a variety of complimentary classes and webinars on topics encompassing the entire childcare industry. Tonya has become known as the expert in her field and volunteers countless hours towards mentoring caregivers, agencies, and parents. 
Tonya has served as a past Board Member and Co-President of the INA, INA Newborn Care Specialist committee, and Scottsdale DEMA Chapter. She is a Certified Eco-Maternity Consultant and Green Birth Educator, founder of Baby Go Green, Inc., and a founding member and sitting Advisory Board Member of The Baby Dream Team.
Tonya was awarded the 2003 Professional Childcare Provider of the Year, DEMA Educator of the Year in 2016 and 2017. She received the DEMA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017 for her innovations within the in-home staffing industry. She was nominated for the 2004 INA Nanny of the Year and the 2004 National Association of Nannies Harriette Grant Memorial Award. 
In 2020, Tonya launched the Complete System for Successful Newborn Care Specialist Placements. Tonya has worked alongside agencies for years, assisting them on their path to success. This coaching and mentorship program has become invaluable and is accessible to agencies worldwide.

keynote Speaker

Picture of Nicole Middendorf

Nicole Middendorf

CEO of Prosperwell Financial and Wealth Advisor with RJFS

Nicole is a money maven, a knowledge junkie, and a born coach. Nicole became an entrepreneur in 2003 when she launched her wealth management firm. She is the author of five books, the mother of two phenomenal children, a world traveler, a philanthropist, and an accomplished public speaker.

Nicole shares financial advice and real-life perspective on saving, planning, and investing with audiences across the country. Her primary goal is to take complicated subjects and make them easy to understand. She works hard to empower people to make crucial, positive changes in their own lives.

Picture of Nicole Middendorf

Nicole Middendorf

CEO of Prosperwell Financial and Wealth Advisor with RJFS

Nicole is a money maven, a knowledge junkie, and a born coach. Nicole became an entrepreneur in 2003 when she launched her wealth management firm. She is the author of five books, the mother of two phenomenal children, a world traveler, a philanthropist, and an accomplished public speaker.

Nicole shares financial advice and real-life perspective on saving, planning, and investing with audiences across the country. Her primary goal is to take complicated subjects and make them easy to understand. She works hard to empower people to make crucial, positive changes in their own lives.

Prosperwell Financial provides personalized wealth management advice to effectively guide you through every stage of life. Our advisors help to plan your way toward true financial happiness, including financial retirement planning, college education savings, estate planning, asset management, insurance, and financial divorce planning. Founded by Wealth Advisor and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Nicole Middendorf, Prosperwell Financial serves individuals and executives all across the U.S. We help you gain the confidence needed to be in control of your financial happiness.

The Wealth Advisors at Prosperwell Financial take the time to learn about you. We want to know your goals, dreams, and desires. As a mentor and coach, we guide you through the process of discovering your financial options and possibilities. Whether that means planning for retirement, converting an IRA, working with a 401k, or wealth management services, Prosperwell Financial will have you covered.

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