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Through our members, we network to build professional relationships, establish industry standards, grow industry knowledge, and promote best practices. We also offer consulting services to Principal employers interested in assessing and elevating the culture and skills of their staff and improving how their homes are managed.

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Get more referrals

Through Private Service Professionals, B2B and exclusive use of Private Service Alliance brand logos

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Establish yourself or your company as the Subject Matter Expert of your craft, use of PSA logos, speaking opportunities, author blogs + benchmark reports, annual surveys

Build Trusted Relationships

With Private Service Professionals (PSPs), Domestic Placement Agencies (DPAs), Educators, and Business Partners

Find Expert advice

Through our private directory, peers, SMEs, discussions, resource + video libraries, benchmark reports, and advice columns

Promote Your Business

Member directory profiles highlight your business expertise, service areas, products, and promotions

Connect With Peers

Virtual libraries, searchable member profiles, discussions, mentorship program*, local chapter events*, and conferences

Insider Pricing

Know you are always getting the right price

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Hire or Be Hired – find the best Agencies and Candidates

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Member Categories

Private Service Professionals

Today’s term for an individual working within a private home is “Private Service Professional (PSP).” They are dedicated to the subtle art of managing the lifestyles of high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families. Private Service Professionals are full-time staff that directly serve their principal’s daily needs, act as the gatekeeper to any outsider, monitor all assets for potential issues that may arise, and execute plans. Their reputation, and career, are on the line when a principal’s expectations are not met. The most successful and valuable Private Service Professionals are adept at networking and maintaining excellent relationships with all sectors of the industry. Management of luxury estates takes many experts to execute daily expectations of delight.

Roles & Professions

Membership titles include, but are not limited to: Butler, Chauffeur, Chief of Staff, Close Protection Detail, Director of Residence, Estate Manager, Executive Assistant, Elder Care, Executive Housekeeper,  Household Manager, Major Domo, Nanny, Newborn Care Specialist, Private Chef, Private Pilot, Property Manager, Ranch Manager, and Yacht Crew.

Membership Requirements

PSPs should have at least one year of experience working within the Private Service industry.

PSP Consultant Member

PSP Consultants are Individuals or businesses who offer temporary, contract, or consulting services related to the private service industry. Such consultants often have extensive experience and fill niche roles that seldom warrant a full-time employee. They may work independently, with partners, or direct their own team. 
PSP Consultants enjoy many of the same member benefits as the other business categories, where appropriate. They are searchable within PSA’s private community as a business, are invited to submit content, can offer discounts, post jobs (upon request), and more. 

Roles & Professions

PSP Consultants may provide any number of services to Principal clients, including event planning, newborn care, project management, staffing assessments, absentee property management, staffing assessments, training, vacation nannies, and more. 

Membership Requirements

PSP Consultant Members should have a minimum of one year of experience working with Principal clients or their staff, in a private home or family office.

Domestic Placement Agencies

Domestic Placement Agencies are a specialized sub-sector of the career recruiting field. Reputable agency owners understand the unique needs of wealthy estates and expertly pair them with Private Service Professional candidates whose skills and experience make them the ideal match. Such agencies have developed healthy relationships and represent both sides of the match – the Principal (paying client) and the Private Service Professional (the candidate). These relationships are based on trust, human communication, and discretion.

Membership Requirements

Agencies need a minimum of one year of experience placing candidates (PSPs) within the Private Service industry.


Educators in the Private Service industry are dedicated to the Art of Service and passing along centuries of techniques and theory to future generations. The educators seamlessly integrate current technologies with traditional methods in teaching best practices to their students.

Membership Requirements

A minimum of one year of experience teaching relevant and specific material directly related to the Private Service industry is required.

Family Office HR Member

Private Family Offices represent the best interests of a HNW/UHNW Principal and their family. The Family Office is the central point of contact for all HR, maintenance, property, and travel-related activities. They often include in-house staff to manage legal, financial, and philanthropic matters. 
The HR Directors in Private Family Offices often bypass the traditional Domestic Placement Agency process and directly advertise and hire Private Service Professionals on behalf of their Principal(s). 

Membership Requirements

Family Office HR Members must be directly involved with hiring Private Service Professional candidates on behalf of their organization.  

Global and Regional Business Partners

Private Service Professionals (PSPs) know that they need an army of luxury-oriented businesses to handle the multitude of requests and demands of UHNW Principals. Our Business Partners are the best of the best. They focus on just three things: quality materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and customer service. Artisans are found in every industry, from custom shoes to hand-tailored suits, luxuriously appointed private aircraft to monogrammed sets of China, paddleboards to pianos, luxury materials and craftsmanship set these businesses in a class all their own. The only difference between Global Business Partners and Regional Business Partners is their footprint and availability to serve clientele in a limited region, across the United States, or around the world.

Membership Requirements

Business Partners are vetted and referred by our membership. Business members must demonstrate their commitment as experts in luxury goods and services, utilize the best quality materials, artisans, and provide stellar customer service.