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Private Service Industry Code of Ethics


Always act in the best interest of your client or principal. Place their interest above your own, perform and maintain the highest level of professional standards in all relationships and duties.


Keep all confidences regarding the client, principal, family, guests, and staff.


Serve the client or principal as they choose to be served. Actively seek to determine their preferred style of service while maintaining a comfortable, safe, and secure environment at all times.

Lawful Behavior

Be knowledgeable of and comply with all applicable local, state, and national laws. Always abide by the highest ethical, moral, and legal standards.

Moral Behavior

Never accept personal favors, gifts, or reimbursements from a principal’s vendor or service provider. Immediately report any non-returnable gifts to the Principal.


Perform your duties diligently, impartially, and responsively to the best of your ability. Personal activities outside working hours must not diminish confidence in you or your ability to perform your duties.

Personal Development

Endeavor to improve and enhance your knowledge and skills, both personally and professionally. Strive to increase your private service industry knowledge and improve your skills through training, study, and experience.


Work towards achieving a solid foundation of mutual respect between the client or principal and all staff members. Educate and instill a healthy respect for all persons and property associated within the workplace.

Professional Relationships

Strive to maintain appropriate relationships and boundaries in all aspects of service. Avoid discrimination based on age, disability, gender, physical appearance, sexual orientation, race, national origin, or politics.

Bullying and Harassment

Establish and enforce expectations and guidelines to stop all acts of bullying and harassment (including derogatory jokes, racial slurs, and personal insults), creating a safe and healthy culture for all.


Commit to the promotion and restoration of the art of service through personal and professional example, mentoring, establishing industry standards, and consistent active involvement. Lead by example.

Created in a breakout session at the 2000 Restoring The Arts conference, adopted by The International Butler Academy, and updated with Private Service Alliance in 2022.