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Benefits Packages
in 2023

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The domestic staffing market is highly competitive. Generosity wins the day and allows families to hire the best available candidates. Talented Private Service Professionals (PSPs) in any given market or role likely have multiple job opportunities to consider. They will always choose the most attractive and generous offer.

Situations that make a particular employment offer less attractive to most candidates include:

  • Excessive commutes: long drives and heavy traffic usually lead to turnover; candidates tire quickly and resign.
  • Excessive hours: a typical work week should be between 35-50 hours per week. If “peak season” regularly goes beyond 60 hours, consider adding seasonal staff.
  • Unreasonable schedule: all staff need two consecutive days off each week for rejuvenation and a balanced lifestyle.
  • Undefined Multiple Roles: Staff should be assigned a primary role. If needed, a secondary role may be added with clearly defined priorities, directives, and tasks. Staff who are exceptionally talented in one area can often function well in a secondary role. However, they risk burnout because they are working outside their natural talents. Adding permanent tertiary roles or responsibilities leads to high rates of turnover.

Paid Holidays

Most families offer between 6-14 paid holidays each year. These days are in addition to paid vacation and sick days:

Basic Benefits Package

  • Healthcare plan or compensation for the employee: 100% or 80/20. Compensation ranges from $500-$1000 per month.
  • 10 paid vacation days
  • 3-5 paid sick days
  • 6-14 paid holidays
  • Year-end discretionary Bonus: 10-25% of base pay (based on performance) 
  • Mileage reimbursement 
  • Cell phone/computer or compensation
  • Travel stipends (for work-related travel)
  • Yearly wage and performance review

Enhanced Benefits Package + Perks

Adding even a few of the benefits below to the Basic Benefits Package makes for a top-level offering that undoubtedly attracts the best candidates in the market and leads to greater staff retention.

  • Sign-on bonus: usually  $5K-10K 
  • Healthcare plan or compensation for the employee’s spouse and dependents
  • Dental Plan
  • Vision Plan
  • Health Savings Account
  • Life insurance
  • 15-30 paid vacation days
  • Guaranteed year-end bonus: 10-25% of base pay
  • Vehicle for personal/work use
  • Retirement plan + employer match
  • Stock options
  • Housing or allowance
  • Tuition assistance for employee, spouse, and their children
  • Clothing Allowance
  • 5-year anniversary bonus: $30-50K
  • Meals or meal allowance
  • Dining allowance (chefs)
  • Gym membership
  • Industry-Related Professional Organization memberships
  • Continuing education allowance (plus paid time off and travel expenses)
  • Structured bonus plans
  • Birthday, holiday, and work anniversary gifts