Our Founder

Natalie Hudson

Natalie Hudson is a veteran in the Private Service industry. She began her career as a live-in Nanny in the New York tri-state area in 1995.  

After working for a high-profile family as Nanny, Household Manager, and Personal Assistant, Natalie attended the International Butler Academy in The Netherlands in 2001. She spent the next several years as a freelance assistant in the Minneapolis area before accepting a role with a favorite client that kept her busy for nearly ten years as an Estate Manager and Family Assistant. 

After being downsized in 2017, Natalie enrolled at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, MN. Natalie curated a degree plan focused on Luxury Lifestyle Management through their College of Individual Studies department. Along with a proctor, she wrote many of her own courses, including course outlines and learning outcomes. In addition to her studies, Natalie served as Virtual Chapter President for The Domestic Estate Management Association. As President, she created, produced, and hosted a weekly virtual meeting, presenting relevant content with industry experts to Private Service Professionals worldwide. Natalie graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2020, Summa Cum Laude. 

When DEMA closed its doors in 2019, Natalie saw an opportunity to fill the void and create a new organization dedicated to the development and best practices for all aspects of the Private Service industry. With a small team of supportive partnerships, the Private Service Alliance has become a reality.